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In high school ya gotta learn that if you’re late you might as well be hella late and go have some breakfast or some shit

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George Harrison’s fisheye self portraits in India, September 1966.

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i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored

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Freshman year:


Senior Year:


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Do not delete the text or you won’t be counted

Alright so in honor of reaching my latest goal, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME

What You’ll Win!~
-One Hamsa Necklace set against a tumbled smooth stone, adjustable necklace length
-One Evil Eye Necklace with a small Wire Wrapped Quartz Pendant
-One larger Wire Wrapped Quartz Necklace, adjustable necklace length
-One Mushroom Hemp Necklace
-One Floral Headband 
-One Pink Floyd 1973 Tour t-shirt, size Medium
-My large Glass Bong (I no longer smoke and it’s taking up too much room!) I lost the stem/bowl piece, I’m sorry!
-One Grinder
-A few other surprises, including a handwritten letter from yours truly

-mbf nirvanicdreams to win, I WILL CHECK 
-One reblog = one entry, reblog as much as you’d like, but don’t spam your followers feed
-LIKES DON’T COUNT, only use for bookmarks
-No contest blogs allowed, I will check. Be fair.
-If you have any questions about a certain item, message me
-Winner will be picked on June 1st
-I’m using random.org to pick the winner
-The winner will have 3 DAYS to reply to my message until I choose a new winner

Good luck, happy reblogging :)

Only a few days left to reblog!

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Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg in front of Jack Kerouac’s grave, 1976.

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg in front of Jack Kerouac’s grave, 1976.

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Frolicking about by maialauria on Grooveshark